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UBrace.com is a division of Furniture Leisure Inc. and is the manufacturer of UBrace® and U2Brace® - Brace assembly for outdoor umbrellas.

U2Brace Umbrella Brace for use with a table and umbrella to prevent flying umbrellas

Ubrace2 assembly image

Lock on your umbrella! The UBrace is strong enough to lock any umbrella with a 1 1/2 diameter pole to an umbrella table to stablize the system and provide security. Our cartoon picture shows how the table and umbrella become one unit that combines both the weight and size of the table to keep the umbrella in place. Can be used with or without a standard umbrella base depending on the weight of the table. We recomend 75 pounds to be a minumum combined total weight of the table, umbrella and base. FLUBrace-2 is an assembly of two collars that are installed on the umbrella pole above and below the table. This sandwich effect assembly causes a combined weight of the table, umbrella and base to stablilize and keep the umbrella from flying. Reduce liabilities, maintence and wear and tear of your outdoor dining furniture. Designed for use with a 1 1/2" diameter umbrella pole only.

The UBrace-2, manufactured by Furniture Leisure Inc., is designed to anchor an umbrella to an outdoor table that uses a 1 ½ inch umbrella pole. This eliminates or reduces the need for a heavy cumbersome umbrella base when the table weighs over 40 pounds. The device is simple to use, will not rust and requires no maintenance.

Instructions to install the UBrace:

  1. 1: Insert the umbrella pole through the hole in the table top. If there is a center brace under the table, place the pole through to the ground. Note: If there is no center brace or the table weighs under 40 pounds, a traditional umbrella base is recommended.
  2. 2: Mark the umbrella pole the just above the table top where the top UBrace-2 collar will be installed. Lift up the pole to install the UBrace-2 collar where it is marked.
  3. 3: Install by removing the bolts with the 3/16 inch allen wrench provided. Place the collar around the umbrella pole and tighten the bolts evenly where you marked the pole. Place the pole back into the table.
  4. 4: With the pole placed in the table, attach the remaining UBrace-2 collar to the pole just beneath the centering brace hole by placing each half of the ring assembly around the umbrella pole. Insert the bolts; tightening them with the allen wrench provided. Tighten the bolts evenly until the collar will not move on the pole. Note: If there is no center brace, place the second collar just under the table top on the umbrella pole.
  5. 5: When properly installed, the UBrace-2 collars will “sandwich” the table on the umbrella pole with one collar secured on top of the table and one underneath.

Note: The two halves of the collar do not have to meet to be tight and correctly installed. If the pole can be physically pulled out of the table it must be tighten until the pole is fixed and will not slide out. Call 1-800-213-2401 with questions. The UBrace-2 will work with many manufactured tables. It functions without a traditional umbrella base best with tables that weight 40 pounds or more. See some examples.

U2Brace Assembly

Parts List: Ubrace-2 includes one 3/16” Allen wrench and two polished high grade AA6351 Aluminum Collar with stainless steel bolts. Patent: US11/675,411.

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    UBrace® Brace assembly for an umbrella with a 1 1/2 inch pole used with a heavy table.

  • Nov 5, 2009

    U2Brace® Umbrella Brace for use with a table and umbrella to prevent flying umbrellas.